Nubian copper framed Meditation Pyramid 4 Feet – $190.00 USD 4.93/5 (15)

Copper Nubian Meditation pyramid for self healing

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This Nubian Copper Meditation Pyramid Four Feet or forty eight inches base Height six feet this pyramid is for those who as been practising meditation for quite long time or have Reiki attuned this Nubian meditation is very powerful then Giza pyramid as this pyramid activates third eyes chikra ( Giza pyramid activates Heart chikra) this pyramid is 20 times more powerful as it brings all the settle energies to the third eyes with this pyramid your will get five highly polished solid copper corner connectors with O-ring which holds the copper 1/2 inch pipes together tightly and connectors is turned to fit the same pipes (this is a new revolutionary design with precision work done by engineers) , one four inch copper pyramid to cover the apex of the pyramid, one 2.5 inch orgonite sphere which contains (amethyst, lapis lazuli, celestite, green aventurine, citrine, tiger’s eye, red coral) and metal shavings (copper and brass) and OEM compass to align this meditation pyramid to magnetic north and assembly instructions and eight copper 1/2 inch pipes which as been cut to fir and make the complete pyramid as this pyramid is exact replica of the Nubian pyramid with very precise 72° slope angles which as been used TIG copper welding for connectors and capstone, to make the connectors we used laser pipe computerized cutting machines to make those precise calculate 72° slope angles. The main pipes, connectors and capstone is then grind-ed, buffing, polished to a glossy finish and coated with natural oils so the it won’t tarnish in time and the original copper color will remain for long time. This pyramid being portable, it is able to be placed indoors and outdoors for relaxation and meditation and for inner peace and healing. This pyramid can be assembled and disassembled within no time without any additional tools. This makes these powerful personal tools the base meditation pyramid to achieving deep meditative states and accelerating healing on the spiritual, mental, and the physical levels. this complete pyramid set will be send in 2 different packages the connector, capstone pyramid, crystal and compass will be send in a small box and the main 8 copper pipes is send from a PVC pipe with end caps on the both side each and every shipment we send is from FedEx priority services within a day or two if you have any questions about the product feel free to contact me. Using of our Copper Meditation Pyramid for a short time, you will:

  • A sense of weightlessness.
  • Electric-like tingling sensations.
  • Feelings of warmness, usually in the upper portions of the body.
  • Tranquility, relaxation and freedom from tensions.
  • Dreams with vivid colors and graphic visions.
  • External stimuli, sight and sounds particularly fade away.
  • Time distortion, Space consciousness prevails.
  • Deeper, more fulfilling meditations and higher energy levels .
  • Lowering your blood pleasure
  • Have More energy
  • Detoxifying your blood
  • Feel healthier
  • Reduce stress
  • Find inner peace
  • Removes negative thoughts and toxins
  • Feel more relaxed and calm
  • Brings you self and soul awareness
  • Transforms anger to compassion
  • Helps activate third eyes
  • Helps achieve our of body experience faster
  • Focus more on Meditation
  • Helps you focus and concentrate
  • Creates harmony with all living being
  • Have clarity of mind
  • Become non-violent and peaceful
  • Transcends ego to politeness
  • Feel balanced
  • Various advantages of pyramid water by charging under the Nubian pyramid
  • Increases water concentration in cells.
  • Assists in removal of toxins and “cleaning” of organism.
  • Rejuvenates skin.
  • Increases vitality.
  • Speeds up healing processes and rehabilitation of organism
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Anti-stress effects
  • Healing without interference with organism (self-healing)
  • Helps heal skin, digestive disorders

This complete pyramid set will be sent in 2 packages; the connector, capstone pyramid, orgonite sphere ball will be arrive in a small box and the main 8 copper pipes will arrive in a PVC pipe with end caps on both ends. Each and every shipment will be sent by FedEx priority services within a day or two of order. If you have any questions about the product feel free to contact me.


Which meditation is best for me?

Answer: Well it depend upon person to person Copper Meditation Pyramid is for beginner, elderly person or kids who is unable to meditate or concentrate on there own can use this unit by spends time inside by reading books or doing some other activity can gain its benefits. as it generate physical healing energy its very stable cosmic energy generators. which focuses its energy to heart chakra. as copper is good conductor its very stable cosmic energy generators once its aligned to magnetic north.

Wooden Meditation pyramid in other hand is for advance users who been practising Meditation for quite long time or person who had Reiki Attunement, or Holistic Healer, can make this pyramid generate more then what it does by healing the pyramid as there ora will be cleansed in the early stages of there meditative life and it generate spiritual healing energy. many healers and Reiki masters who heal other by making there patients sit inside this unit for spiritual healing.