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We manufacture and supply Wooden, Aluminum and Copper Meditation Pyramid precisely made of 51.51º slope angel since 2007 we started our journey as independent researcher on the pyramid energy, subtle energy devises and alternative medicine. We had been making pyramids from different materials experimenting and researching on it ever since.
We have been making customize meditation pyramid on request for Reiki and yoga masters, meditation classes, distributors, exhibitors, school students and shopkeepers by giving 20% to 40% discount in bulk order. Since then our pyramids ware getting popularity and we decided to go online on it my opening this website.


Pyramid power are Free Energy

If the pyramid is build in exact shape are angle of the great pyramid of Giza The effect of the Pyramid on a field structure of any object, regardless of whether it is mineral, solution, organic substance or living creature, causes serious changes within this structure. Such structures seem to be put in order, to become more optimal and harmonic. The power and durability of the structures, ordered in such a way, increase greatly, if all their newly-gained components are in resonance with the Pyramid.

Pyramids working theory

Naturally although we know that he whole Universe has comeout as a result of big bang and the process of creation and destruction of star systems and other astral bodies in an ongoing process there is still no definite clue as to the exact nature of the types of energy which surrounds the universe.
some of the forms of energy are identified. Like for Example Gravitational Energy, Magnetic Energy, and Thermal Energy etc. Any conversion of energy can take place form one form to another by an interaction. Thus a subtle force has to interact with a dense force for an intermediate force which lies in-between the to emerge .Hence bioenergy can only be the result of interaction of a subtle force which we call as positive force for need of a better word and the dense force as the 'negative force' creates of liberates Bio Energy or prana. A Fundamental rule of physics is that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can change only forms. Here the particular shape of the Pyramid appears to, attract both positive and negative force, which interact inside the pyramid chamber to liberate bio Energy, or prana .In essence it is a converter like gadget, which converts one form of energy to other. So also a pyramid convert the constituents of cosmic energy to bio energy.

Any supply of any types of energy disturbs the equilibrium and therefore it is necessary that an equal negative force is also drawn by the Earth to maintain the equilibrium. It is the Southwest in this case, which becomes the Negative Terminal. In practical physics we see that the creation of positive charge automatically creates a negative charge. Similarly you cannot have only one magnetic pole. As you know every magnet has two poles namely the north pole and south pole .If you take a magnet and break it in the center the poles do not get separated as one would expect but each piece become a separate magnet again with one south pole and another with north pole.

The conclusion is that every force exist with an equally opposite negative force. This is law of nature. If we start from this concept we can se how the interaction of these two forces liberate a third type of force, which for the sake of more meaning full word we, call as bio energy as Bio energy.

Hence we are left with only the Northeast energy interacting with Southwest energy at one third the height of the pyramid .And it is at this point the bioenergy gets continuously released. It is due to this reason that the Maximum benefit accrues to the person that this energy field
When the bio energy get released it get attracted toward the apex and liberated from the apex end as the hot form of bio energy where as at the bottom it gets liberated as the cold form.

The pyramid is:
(1) a powerful cosmic antenna
(2) a stone model of the universe that uses its energy mechanism
(3) a powerful generator of cosmic energies of different planes
(4) a powerful device which puts things back the way they are supposed to be, it makes things more perfect.

Facts Pyramid is:

  1. Pyramids accumulate several different types of energies like negative ions, electromagnetic and cosmic vibrations.
  2. Water placed in the pyramid has curative properties especially for chronic skin disorders. Pyramid can put a break to the ageing process,
  3. Pyramid has shown that growth rate of plants increase by 35% when grown under pyramids.
  4. The beneficial effects of pyramids have led to the construction of pyramidal schools, recreation halls and warehouses.
  5. The Pyramids help to increase crop yield by 3 times, correct faulty vision, deafness, increase longevity of life, increase the 1Q of children and increase your vitality and sex drive.
  6. The NASA scientists in USA pointed out that the energy released from a pyramid is more powerful than the solar energy.
  7. It is pyramid is the answer for cancer if its is constructed big enough.

Benefit of pyramid to human body
There are very many actions that negative ions have on our body:
(1) Reduce heart rate and B.P
(2) Increase vital capacity of lungs and the ciliary movement of the lining ciliary epithelium.
(3) Improve the functions of the hormones producing glands.
(4) Improve mental functions, concentration, emotional equilibrium judgement, intelligence
(5) Reverse the effects of the positive ions.
(6) Women sleeping in pyramids get their periods regular and normal and stop any dysmenorhoea.


interesting facts about our meditation PYRAMIDS

All of our meditation pyramid” once aligned with True North or magnetic north resonates different energy field, our wooden pyramids is made without a single metal so this pyramid to concentrate and focus aetheris forces of energy, a person meditates inside this wooden pyramid is spiritually healed and our aluminum and copper is good conductor of electricity it resonates physical healing energy. a person meditates inside non metal pyramid will physically healed in other words a person practicing reiki, meditation or yoga from quiet a long time we recommend them to use wooden meditation pyramid. A person as a beginner who is having difficulty concentrating on meditation can go to alpha state of consciousness without much difficulty and our metal pyramid does it. And it’s a is ideal size to sleep within it and get the same result without putting the effort and become physically strong. With all of our meditation pyramids we will provide compass to align it to magnetic north for best result and crystal to place within the pyramid so that the energy will multiply and equally distribute within the meditation pyramid. We have carefully constructed our pyramids precisely to the last minute detail. And made shore not to use metal in non metal pyramid and use only the same metal to make the metal pyramid we don’t combine two metals to make one pyramid.


Benefit of Pyramid

The open-frame, panel-less pyramid form shows the following consistently reported some basic reactions.

  • A sense of weightlessness.
  • Electric-like tingling sensations.
  • Feelings of warmness, usually in the upper portions of the body.
  • Tranquility, relaxation and freedom from tensions.
  • Dreams with vivid colors and graphic visions.
  • External stimuli, sight and sounds particularly fade away.
  • Time distortion, Space consciousness prevails.
  • Out-of-body experience (astral projection).
  • Deeper, more fulfilling meditations and higher energy levels.
  • Out-of-Doors Garden Pyramid, with capstone added, causes
  • vigorous seed bed sprouting, accelerated plant growth and increased crop yields.
  • Pyramids in conjunction with his 'spiritual alignment series' and 'attract luck & money through.


We are working on Copper and Aluminum Nubian 72 degree slope pyramid meditation which will be launching soon !!!

Nubian copper meditation pyramid

We are working on copper plated Meditation Pyramid upon wooden model 6,8 feet which will be launching soon ( this is not the actual shapshot of it)


New product

NEWS: we have plans to stop aluminum powder coated meditation pyramid model and relaunch the same product with copper plated upon it





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