Copper Giza Meditation Pyramid connector L type 3/8 inch kit only – $95.00 USD 5/5 (18)

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This Giza Copper Meditation Pyramid connector kit is for those who want to save on shipment on complete set of pyramid and who have access to copper 3/8 inch L type pipes measuring outer diameter .500 inside diameter .430 wall thickness .039 which can be easily obtained easily in the hardware store neat you this kit is the best and cheapest in the world with it you will get 5 copper solid corner connectors with rubber O- ring which holds the copper 3/8 inch pipes together tightly and connectors is turned to fit 3/8 inch pipe (this is a new revolutionary design with precision work done by engineers) , one 4 inch copper pyramid to cover the apex of the pyramid, one forty MM hanging crystal and compass to align this meditation pyramid to magnetic north and assembly instructions and as this pyramid is exact replica of the Giza pyramid and its very precise made 51.83° slope angles which as been used TIG copper welding for connectors and capstone, to make the connectors we used laser pipe computerized cutting machines to make those precise calculate 51.83° slope angles. The main pipes, connectors and capstone is then grind-ed, buffing, highly polished so the it won’t tarnish in time and the original copper color will remain for very long time. This pyramid being portable, it is able to be placed indoors and outdoors for relaxation and meditation. Many sleep in the Healing & Meditation Pyramid to improve their sleeping patterns and for inner peace and healing. This pyramid can be assembled and disassembled within 5 to 10 minutes without any additional tools. This makes these powerful personal tools the base meditation pyramid to achieving deep meditative states and accelerating healing on the spiritual, mental, and the physical levels.

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Price USD 95 + 20 = 115 With packing and shipment for FedEx priority international service 5 to 6 day delivery for USA only.
Price USD 95 + 32 = $ 127/-With packing and shipment for FedEx priority international service 5 to 6 day delivery to other countries.